Looking for Mayham protein?

We are putting up this page to inform some scam victims that you got scammed, and it wasn’t us.

Here goes…

We’ve been contact by several people asking us why we charged them $39.97.

We didn’t.

They think we did because they googled mayhAm protein and we pop up in the results.

We have a product called Mayhem Energy.  Please note that we spell Mayhem correctly.

MayhAm Protein doesn’t exist.

Because MayhAm Protein doesn’t exist, we are the closest thing Google can find, so they show you our website.

Our charges appear on bank statements as “millecor.com*”, and not “mayham protein”.

PLEASE always remember that you can’t win a raffle you didn’t enter.  It looks like these scammers are calling people and telling them they won an iphone or ipad and need to pay shipping.  NEVER share your payment information over the phone unless you are sure of to whom you are speaking.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please email info@millecor.com

Make sure you contact your bank. Immediately.  They may be able to do a chargeback and recover the funds.  They will probably also recommend canceling the compromised credit card immediately.

Thank you,