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Want to know why I keep coming back to this company? It’s not the phenomenal supplements or the f*cking amazing protein powders. It’s because every time I open up a box from Millecor, I always have a hand written note from Steph. And that to me is the ultimate customer appreciation. No other company that I have used has EVER included a hand written thank you. And that attention to detail keeps me coming back every single time. Thank you for making your customers feel like royalty!

Shawn Lauren / Facebook

I just recently started using the pre workout Throat Punch and I can definitely say I’ve noticed a huge difference. I workout early mornings so I’m usually spending half my time waking up. Well no more. I get that just right amount of energy to get a great workout with no side effects. No gastrointestinal issues you’ll find with cheap products. No after jitters either. Just quality energy and focus that you notice right away.

Howard Douglas / Facebook

They have the best tasting protein mix I have ever had. Great high quality that mixes well. Best of all, their customer service and the way they give back is out of this world.

Rick Meyers / Facebook

Quality products, great taste, and an even better mission. Jason is running a quality company and I will be loyal as long as he is running the show.

Jordan DeZeeuw / Facebook

High quality supplements. Serve their customers with pride and integrity. Will be a customer for years to come. Keep up the good work!

Alan Booth / Facebook

Fast shipping and quality supplements! I will be a returning customer.

Nehemiah Hanson / Facebook