MILLECOR was founded to give back to non-profit causes that support veterans, first responders, and their families.  For the nearly two years we’ve been in business, MILLECOR has had MSRP prices while giving 25% off HERO Discounts to our veterans and first responders.  

Effective July 21, 2017, we are making a big change.

All pricing on is being lowered to the former HERO prices.  There are a few reasons for this change:

  • We want to remove the hassle and barrier of requiring a proof of service.  We want you to be able to place an order when you’re ready. NOW!
  • Some departments/agencies forbid their employees from photocopying their identification cards. This makes verification more difficult and time consuming.
  • There are MANY supporters of the military and our first responder communities that want to support the mission of MILLECOR.  We want anyone that wants to support our non-profit causes to also enjoy the same great pricing.

There will still be advantages to creating a username!

  • Get points on your purchases to use on future orders.
  • Keep track of your order history.
  • Get the special news and deals from our email list (we won’t spam you!).
  • And more!

Thank you for your continued support!  We hope you tell your friends and family that they can now enjoy the same great prices on MILLECOR products while giving back to awesome non-profits!