Our Best Selling Protein Blend, WHEY Premium Protein Blend, is digested quickly to get to your muscles and get to work!  

It’s perfect in a morning shake for your hungry muscles and is a MUST immediately after your workout.  

Mixes smooth and is available in multiple DELICIOUS flavors and two sizes – 5 or 2 pound jugs.


Pro-7 Protein Blend is a quality blend of SEVEN different type of proteins: slow-, moderate-, and fast-digesting proteins.

With the wider range of digestion time, Pro-7 is good for mixing in a meal supplement drink or as a bedtime snack!

Available in several amazing flavors!


1S0 Whey Isolate Blend is a very pure whey protein isolate made via several membrane filtration techniques.  It is over 90% protein concentration as well as lactose-free (or extremely low in lactose)!  Fast absorbing, only 100 calories, and super low (1 gram) carbs!

Available in Chocolate and Vanilla.


HERBACOR Vegan Protein Blend is made up of three vegan proteins: Quinoa, Brown Rice, and Pea Isolate – providing amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your body needs.  These proteins are also higher in fiber for aiding in weight management.

Available in Vanilla.