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MILLECOR – Supplements With Purpose

• 1 for 1 •

We believe transparency should be a valued characteristic of any organization. Clear, easy to understand policies leave nothing to interpretation. MILLECOR’s #1for1 Campaign aligns with these values.

What is #1for1?

For every item sold on, we donate $1 to a partner charity. For this month, our supported charity is the Boot Campaign.

The Boot Campaign mission is to promote patriotism for America and our military community; raise awareness of the unique challenges service members face during and post-service; and provide assistance to military personnel, past and present, and their families.


MILLECOR is more than just a name.  It’s our story.  It’s our mission.

– MIL –


We serve the brave men and women that make up our armed forces.  Fitness and the military go hand in hand…  Whether working to improve physical fitness scores or preparing for the battlefield, MILLECOR aims to provide the supplementation our troops need for optimum performance.

– LE –

Law Enforcement

We understand the importance of command presence and physical superiority on the streets.  We also know all too well that the real fight begins after the chase.  This is why we believe that being in optimum physical and cardiovascular shape is absolutely vital to survival.

– COR –


Corps: a group of persons associated together or acting under common direction; especially : a body of persons having a common activity or occupation.  We are a group of veterans and first responders united in our mission to serve our brothers and sisters and give back to charities that do the same.


Military Service: USMC – Infantry – OIF Combat Veteran

Law Enforcement: 9 Year Veteran – Police Officer

MILLECOR: Owner / Operator

My dream when creating MILLECOR was to start a company that would give me a platform to perform two missions: support my military and first responder brothers and sisters and give back to non-profits that did the same.  

After a lot of time, energy, and love MILLECOR was born.  I’m so proud of the good that MILLECOR has been able to be a part of through the support of our incredible and loyal customers.

I run this business with a simple principle: People Before Profits.

From my family to yours, I offer a sincere, humble, and incredibly grateful thank you.



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